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Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't you a huge company with a lot of employees? You're just being greedy!

Evolve is made by three people: mamu, dreijer, and adam. We've lost money running Evolve every month since we launched it back in 2010. If it's greedy to lose money every month to keep a service we strongly believe in alive, I guess we're guilty as charged.

Can't you pay for everything with ads? I know some gaming websites do that.

We aren't a typical gaming website. Evolve's features are pretty diverse, and it takes quite a few servers to keep it running. We do run some sponsors on the website and in the client, but the revenue we pull in from them is less than 20% of our monthly expenses. It doesn't even cover the cost of a single server.

Why don't you fund everything with Kickstarter? You'll make millions!

Kickstarter actually frowns on using their platform to fund the operation of a service. Beyond that, Evolve Helix already functions somewhat like Kickstarter — you get various rewards depending on how much you have donated. Finally, running a successful Kickstarter campaign means spending every waking minute of the campaign promoting to anyone we can find who will listen. We've talked to several gaming projects that have used Kickstarter, and all of them have said it was very time consuming. That's time we wouldn't be able to spend working on Evolve.

If I donate once, is that all you guys need?

Evolve costs money to run every month. Most of our budget goes toward our servers. Although contributing once is better than not contributing at all, if you can afford it, please consider contributing a small amount every month. Thanks!

Do the rewards for Helix stack?

Yes. Contributing multiple times toward Helix moves your progress bar forward. Once it crosses a reward tier, we'll package up your reward and send it to you. Digital rewards are given to you immediately.

Why did you implement an online population limit? I've used Evolve for years, and it's unfair.

We recently experienced a massive surge in new users. Because we've already personally lost a huge amount of money keeping Evolve running, we decided we can't afford to pick up more hardware to handle the increased work load. We put in the population limit to keep Evolve working smoothly for everyone who manages to log in. As a reward for those of you who have donated or subscribed, we let you skip past the line when the population limit is in effect.

What happens if you guys don't get enough money?

We don't know the answer to that yet. We're currently focused on drumming up support from you guys so that question is one we never have to face. Please consider donating or subscribing so we can keep Evolve running indefinitely.

Does anyone read FAQs?

I guess we both know the answer to that question, don't we?